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The Yogi Breakfast

How to make it: All you need for this tea is a lemon, some ginger, turmeric powder, a zester, and a way to heat water. You can either place all the ingredients directly in the hot water, or put them in a tea strainer. Boil the water, then combine some lemon (juice or zest), some ginger (small chopped chunks or zest), a couple shakes of turmeric powder, and hot water in a mug. Let is sit for 4-5 minutes, stirring the water or dipping the strainer periodically to make sure everything mixes together. You can alter the amounts of each ingredient to suit your taste. Prep the ingredients the night before (about 5 minutes) so you can make this tea effortlessly right when you wake up and sip it as you practice your sun salutes.

“My happy place! I always feel great after class. The teachers take really great care of their clients."

- Allie T

Hannah Cohen
Our current youngest yogi, age 10 

About Bikram Hot Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga is a therapeutic series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing techniques, practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity.  The series is designed to help improve the condition and physiological systems of the body,  and tame the "monkeys" of the mind, thus strengthening the spirit. This is an "all levels" series, whether you never practiced yoga before, or have many years of experience.

This is yoga, NOT to be confused with mere physical exercise. Nonetheless, be prepared to sweat and be challenged. With a regular practice, you can change your body and your life. You will immediately feel better, but frequency and consistency are important for the changes to continue and be maintained. 


Eagle2 Tree  Savasana

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